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Vow Break

Inner vows are statements, declarations or promises we make about ourselves. These vows can come to pass, whether intentionally or not, whether remembered or not, whether spoken out loud or not. Inner vows subconsciously impact our thought processes and behaviors. Some examples include:

“I can’t trust anybody.” “I will never be like my older sister.” “I have to always look perfect.” “I’m stupid.”

In many ways, the inner vows are the negative self-talk we do to ourselves. This inner talk, these vows, have consequences and act as contracts we place on our lives. The following process will help you release these vows. Feel free to use it often.

I rescind any & all vows and contracts I have taken, anyone in this body has taken & anyone within my genetic lineage has taken pertaining to:

Going to sleep & forgetting who I am. Participating with limitation. Making limitation real. Not following Spirit. Not trusting the movement of Spirit. Denying Karmic interaction. Not recognizing Karmic monads. Using Karma for intensity. Creating drama. Using polarity to search for Oneness. Resisting Divinity, Infinity, and Ecstacy. Upholding the original Prime Directive of Survival: procreation, territoriality & defense against the enemy. Holding childhood imprinting in place. Resentment, anger, unforgiveness, pity, martyrdom, manipulation, coercion, collusion , and conditionality. Denying the mastery of myself or others. Denying the sovereignty of myself or others. Not recognizing or using Divine Law & principle. Keeping chakras & lower bodies separated. Vows to ignore a given chakra or body. Resisting vertical, transpersonal positioning. Resisting communion with Spirit. Resisting full embodiment of Spirit. Parasites, fungi, bacteria, microbes, mycoplasma and/or anything else which feeds up on my bodies or beingness which are not in alignment with my highest good. Victimhood, martyrdom, willingness to martyr myself so others won't have to suffer.


I now declare these vows & contracts null & void in this incarnation & all incarnations across space & time, all parallel realities, parallel universes, alternative realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source system, all dimensions & the Void.

God, Goddess, Divine Source release all structures, devices, entities, orientations or effects associated with these vows & contracts


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