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Wow!!! Loving Rose is such a fitting name, she really is so loving! I just saw RLoving for the first time after hearing amazing things from my family. She lived up to my expectations! The first thing I asked was if she sensed any numbers. She told me 3, then shortly after said she was also getting 2 and 1. My angel number is 123!!! There is NO WAY she could’ve known that. She then went on to interpret my 123 message, and it aligned with what I had inferred it meant. She gave me very vivid, accurate, and specific insight about the situation I am in with my boyfriend, and I now know my gut feeling about him was right. I was in the room when she also did my friend’s reading, and she described both of our boyfriends perfectly! She relayed messages that she was receiving from my spirit guides (guardians, angels) that resonated and made sense to me, and also described one of my guides to me. She guessed that I am into crystal work, which I am! There are even more accuracies than that. You can physically see her trying to interpret your energy and the energy around you, it’s pretty cool. A reasonable price for the energetic tole a reading obviously takes on her! I now feel more connected with my spirit guides, confident in my intuition, and a sense of peace knowing what needs to be done in my life. She’s also funny. Real deal here! Come with a list of questions! Will definitely see her again in the future.

-- Jadyn S, St Louis, Missouri

Loving Rose is amazing! It was my first time visiting a psychic and she made the whole process seem so nonchalant and relaxed. I'm very grateful for my experience with Rose. She made me feel so at peace with everything that is going on in my life, and even gave me some helpful book titles and cleansing rituals I can do on my own time. 10/10 recommend Loving Rose for anyone, but especially for those who may be skeptical. She is so easy going and just down to earth. Loved it!

-- Jenny S, O'Fallon, Missouri

I have enjoyed receiving Loving Rose's readings by phone for a number of years. I have also worked as a psychic (have retired) and was turned onto Loving Rose's work by a client we shared. As someone who does this work and is very choosy, I could pick no better psychic for my own questions than Loving Rose. She has always been amazingly precise with information that has been borne out, such as dates when things will happen, what choices would be the best for me to make, and what lies ahead. It's uncanny even to me how I can say someone's name or describe the role they have in my life and she immediately can tell me all about them. She has especially helped me to stop overthinking what I do in life and find personal and career success through being more spontaneous and playful. Plus she is just delightful to talk with and know. Don't hesitate if you are seeking an expert, thorough and accurate psychic reading!

-- Clyde D, Los Angeles, California

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