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Finding Loving Rose has been a real blessing in my life! I've been through a lot during the last couple years. I've gotten several readings from Loving. Consistently, they have helped me feel like I really am in control of my life. Loving really helped restore my hope & see my potential. I'm learning to trust my intuition & allow more joy into my life. Thank you Loving! Sheree W, Johannesburg, South Africa

Loving is very down to earth, intuitive, and warm. She was very accurate in her reading & told me what I needed to hear (not necessarily what I wanted to hear). She seemed like she genuinely cared about me & wanted to help me on my life's path. I ended up also getting a Reiki session with her & left feeling so much better than when I went in. Do yourself a favor & call Loving Rose for a reading. You won't regret it!

-- Holly A, Brentwood MO

I visited Loving at a time in my life when things were changing rapidly, and I needed insights and guidance. A relationship I was in was driving me crazy. She took the time to help me ease into the reading & reassured me that I wasn't crazy. She was able to point out areas that I need to focus on and work on for my own personal well-being & spiritual growth. Her approach was very uplifting. The reading I had with Loving brought me clarity. I felt heard. She really understood what I was going through and how I felt. She was amazing!

-- Nikki S, Collinsville IL

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