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In addition to psychic readings, I also teach Usui & Karuna Reiki. I discovered the benefits of Reiki for both self healing & healing others very early on. It's one of my greatest joys to introduce this profound form of energy healing to my clients & students.

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Usui Reiki

   This 2,500-year-old tradition of hands-on healing was rediscovered in the late 1800s by Mikao Usui, a Japanese businessman and scholar.

    One of Reiki’s most beautiful aspects, separating it from many other healing modalities, is its simplicity and ease of use. It is a healing tool available to anyone who wishes to learn it, including children. The only thing needed is to have the four upper chakras opened through attunements, sometimes called initiations. These attunements are given along with approximately 5 to 8 hours of instruction. Practicing this healing modality and listening to one’s intuition are emphasized.

    Usui (traditional) Reiki has three levels – Level I, the actual hands-on healing; Level II, distance healing; Level III, Reiki Master. It is a very simple technique that you can learn to heal yourself and others.

 Reiki I

   In this first course, you will receive instruction and attunements for healing yourself and others. Information given includes the history and principles of Reiki; how to set up a healing space, what to say to clients and the hand positions. The cost for Reiki I is $125 for five to eight hours in Belleville Illinois; $175 in Brentwood Missouri. Prices at both locations include one or two additional get-togethers for practice & review.

Reiki II

   In this second-level course, you will receive three of the four Reiki symbols. You also will receive four attunements that align you with the symbols, enabling you to use them for distance healing. Additional instruction includes a review of Reiki I, practice in sending Reiki, and information on various uses for the symbols. The fee for Reiki II is $125 in Belleville Illinois; $175 in Brentwood Missouri. Prices at both locations include one or two additional get-togethers for practice & review.

 Reiki Master/Teacher

    This third-level prepares you to teach Reiki to others. You will receive the fourth (Master) symbol and one attunement. You will receive instruction and practice how to give the attunements, how to create sacred space for the attunements, and a number of handouts. There is a review of both Reiki I and Reiki II. Fee for the Master level is $195 for those who have taken Reiki I & II with me. Otherwise, $225 which will include a comprehensive review of Reiki I & II as I teach it. We will have one or two additional sessions for practice which is included in the price. Add $50 to the price if we meet in Brentwood.

Reiki Master Attunement

For those wanting to take the next step in their spiritual development but are not interested in teaching, Loving will give the Master attunement along with a guided meditation, a review of Reiki & additional practice, if needed

“After taking Usui Reiki I and II from Loving Rose, I did a couple sessions on my sister who has diabetes. After the first Reiki session, that night she took her insulin a few minutes before she checked the sugars at bedtime. Her sugars were 180 before bed, and they haven't been that low in years, she said. She was afraid her insulin might go too low, so she ate something that made her sugars go up to 230. The next morning, her sugars were 160 and they are usually 210-220 in the mornings. She thinks that if she hadn’t eaten at bedtime, her sugars would have been about 110. So, while she's thanking ME, I'm thanking Loving Rose because without her none of this would be possible. Thank you, Loving Rose!!!” Crystal Danis Fritz, Illinois

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Karuna Reiki

   The word Karuna means compassion. In Karuna Reiki, we put compassion into action through the use of eight additional symbols. These symbols were channeled by several different Reiki masters around the U.S. In the 1980s, William Lee Rand then took the symbols, developed an attunement process for them and trademarked the system as Karuna Reiki.

   As an outgrowth of Usui Reiki, it is taught to those at the Reiki Master level in two levels – Practitioner and Master. Many Reiki Masters have found that the Karuna Reiki seems to strengthen their healing energy, allowing it to work more deeply and produce beneficial results more quickly.

   There are eight healing symbols and four Master symbols. Each symbol has its own vibration and purpose. The symbols are used the same way as the Usui symbols, with the practitioner symbols being used for healing and the Master symbols being used for the attunements.

   I usually teach the Practitioner level either in one day or divided up into two days. Master level is taught the same way.  The main requirement to learn Karuna Reiki is to be an Usui Reiki Master as you do need to be familiar with the Usui Master symbol and how to use it in attunements.

   Pricing for Practitioner level is $190. Master level is $250.

“The turning point in my spiritual growth was learning Karuna Reiki. It definitely pushed me through awakening, finding my voice & stepping into my gifts. Just the compassion, love & joy I experience working with this powerful Divine energy makes all my healing, both in person & distant, more meaningful. I always feel surrounded by the love & compassion of Holy Mother Mary, Kwan Yin & Mother Teresa. I have been so blessed and encourage anyone thinking about learning Karuna Reiki to do so.” Carly B, Kansas City, Missouri

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