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Sometimes, as we go through life, it can feel like we are lost in a forest, and we just need a little bit of light to show us the way. My readings can help illuminate the path before you.

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"I have enjoyed receiving Loving Rose's readings by phone for a number of years. I have also worked as a psychic (have retired) and was turned onto Loving Rose's work by a client we shared. As someone who does this work and is very choosy, I could pick no better psychic for my own questions than Loving Rose. She has always been amazingly precise with information that has been borne out, such as dates when things will happen, what choices would be the best for me to make, and what lies ahead. It's uncanny even to me how I can say someone's name or describe the role they have in my life and she immediately can tell me all about them. She has especially helped me to stop overthinking what I do in life and find personal and career success through being more spontaneous and playful. Plus she is just delightful to talk with and know. Don't hesitate if you are seeking an expert, thorough and accurate psychic reading!" Clyde D, Los Angeles, CA

About My Readings

   As a psychic, I read the future as well as the present and the past. By combining my intuitive insight with practical advice, my readings are designed to empower you, highlighting your unique gifts and special talents. My desire is to foster hope and inspiration and to respect your free will and power to change.

    In your reading, I connect with your spirit and offer information to help you find new choices, solutions and ways of being.  The information frequently highlights the reasons for current or past experiences that may change your perspective and offer new avenues.  I don’t make decisions for you; rather, I give you enough information so you can make your own decisions.  Also, I do not make predictions; I read the pattern of a situation, tell you what you might be doing subconsciously to block the flow, and what you can do consciously to change the situation.

    My readings are done intuitively without the use of cards, palms or other props.  I am clairsentient, which means I “sense” or “feel” what is going on in a given situation.  (Have you ever been around two people who didn’t get along?  Even though they were polite to each other, you may have “felt” the tension between them.)  In addition, I frequently receive pictures, images and metaphors (symbols) for the events and issues in your life (clairvoyance). Sometimes, information comes to me clairaudiently through my inner hearing, or I may get messages from spirit guides or angels who are working with you.


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 Preparing for Your Reading

   At the time of your appointment, please have a list of questions, problems, concerns, issues that you want assistance with. I use these to open the door to access the information. I also want to make sure I talk about what is important to you. You may ask about anything and everything – situations in your life, relationships, finances, people who have crossed over, pets and places. Please do not ask for lottery numbers or race winners as I am unable to access that information.

   PLEASE NOTE: In order for me to give you the best reading possible, at the time of the reading, please be in a quiet & safe place without distractions and able to focus. I absolutely will NOT read for you if you are driving or engaged in other activity

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