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Reiki Student Feedback

   Ever since I was little, I have been able to predict future events and to feel what other people are feeling most of the time (emotional and physical pain) Because of that I've always wished I could help with the pain. And then I met Loving Rose, and I immediately knew she would be the one to help me with that. I recently took Reiki 1 and 2 with her and received my certificates. Since then I have done a couple Reiki sessions on my sister who has diabetes and other health issues
   (My sister) told me that everywhere I placed my hands on her, she felt a lot of warmth (I am always cold) and a tingling sensation. One time, during her second session, she said it felt like there was an extra set of hands on her one foot while I was on her hand (opposite side of her body). She said her foot had the warmth like my hands but with pressure too. Later that night she called to tell me her insulin levels were a lot lower than they have ever been. Her sugars normally run 250-350 before bed. After the first Reiki session, later that night she took her insulin a few minutes before she checked the sugars. Her sugars were 180 before bed, and they haven't been that low in years, she said. Then she was scared of the sugars bottoming out so she ate to prevent that from happening. An hour later, that made them go up to 230. The next morning her sugars were 160 and they are usually 210-220 in the mornings. She said if she wouldn't have ate last night, the insulin would have took it to probably 110. So while she's thanking me, I'm thanking Loving Rose because without her none of this would be possible. so, Thank you Loving Rose!!! 
Crystal Danis Fritz, Illinois
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