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One of my greatest pet peeves is the amount of information on the web today about psychic scams and how they operate, and yet, people are still being scammed! I've run into people who have lost tens of thousands of dollars. So here are some things to watch out for.

1.  Usually these people operate out of a house on a well-trafficked street with lots of signage. You know the kind of sign I'm talking about -- a large hand, lots of neon, always open. Oftentimes, there's more than one person, usually all members of the same family.

2.  Readings are priced very low ($10 or so) or may even be free. This is to lure you in.

3.  Once the psychic has told you some amazingly accurate things about yourself or your situation, she tells you the reason for the bad luck you've been having is because someone has cursed you or placed a spell on you or a family member or even an ancestor. She may tell you there is an evil spirit or dark energy around you. She then tells you that for $350 she'll remove the curse. You may be told to call her in a week. At that time, she will tell you the curse is much stronger than she realized, and she'll need $3000 to complete the ritual. At this point, please have the guts to call the police and report her. It's a SCAM!! A psychic scam. Actually, you should have gotten up and walked out the minute she told you she needed the $350 for the curse removal.

4. If you come to see this psychic with friends in tow, she may tell you not to discuss your reading with them. She may give the excuse that it's bad 'karma' or some other bogus reason. She really doesn't want you comparing notes because either she's giving each of you the same reading or she may try to pull the above scam on one or all of you.

5.  Notice what kinds of emotions you're feeling. If your "fear button" is being pushed, that's a sign you are being conned.

6.  In the reverse, some psychic cons will promise you they can help you achieve positive outcomes, like getting your ex to come back, getting that job you want, finding your soul mate or getting out of debt. Again, she will charge you outlandish sums of money to perform spells, none of which will work, IF she even does them.

A lot of people fall for this because they are being told what they want to hear. She positions herself as the person who can help you with a longstanding problem or fulfill a desire.

She may also tell you she works with white magic and that no harm will come to you. That's a lie. She will hurt you physically by stealing your money. She also will hurt you by putting you on an emotional roller-coaster -- getting your hopes up and then dashing them when she tells you she needs more money or gifts to perform a 'stronger spell'.

7.  If you are on medication for emotional or mental issues, the ripoff psychic may tell you to stop taking it. This makes it easier for her to control and manipulate you. I knew one seriously mentally ill woman who was told this and was bilked out of her $100,000 divorce settlement.

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