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"Loving gave me a great deal of insight into why my cat was so unhappy staying at the vet this time. There was a huge dog on the other side of a glass partition from her. No wonder she was upset! Thank you, Loving, for your help!" -- Michaela K, O'Fallon, IL
My readings are available for all creatures, large and small, either in person or over the phone. Readings are very similar to ones done for people; I connect with the animal's spirit and receive information through feelings, pictures, and words. Questions can be asked of the pet as well.
Readings can be done any time by appointment -- over the phone or in person. I do not need the animal present to read it. The same goes for healing sessions. Reading price is $35 for one animal, $55 for two. 

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St Louis Pet Psychic
Psychic, Loving Rose joins us today in the studio.

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