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Kachina's aura photo. Orange & yellow arch: sociable, intelligent. Green: healer.
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"Loving gave me a great deal of insight into why my cat was so unhappy staying at the vet this time. There was a huge dog on the other side of a glass partition from her. No wonder she was upset! Thank you, Loving, for your help!" -- Michaela K, O'Fallon, IL
My readings are available for all creatures, large and small, either in person or over the phone. Readings are very similar to ones done for people; I connect with the animal's spirit and receive information through feelings, pictures, and words.
Readings can be done any time by appointment -- over the phone or in person. I do not need the animal present to read it. The same goes for healing sessions. Reading price is $35 for one animal, $55 for two. 

Above is an aura photo of my cat, Kachina, taken when she was about a year old. (She's now 17.) The green indicates healing. Yellow is her sunny disposition. Her sociability is represented by the orange. Also present is some red, which characterizes her high energy. Sitting still while being petted is not one of her virtues!

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Psychic, Loving Rose joins us today in the studio.

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