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The word Karuna means compassion. In Karuna Reiki, we put compassion into action through the use of eight additional symbols. These symbols were channeled by several different Reiki masters around the U.S. William Lee Rand then took the symbols, developed an attunement process for them and trademarked the system as Karuna Reiki(TM).

As an outgrowth of Usui Reiki, it is taught to those at the Reiki Master level in two levels -- Practitioner and Master. Many Reiki Masters have found that the Karuna Reiki seems to strengthen their healing energy, allowing it to work more deeply and produce beneficial results more quickly.

There are eight healing symbols and four Master symbols. Each symbol has its own vibration and purpose. The symbols are used the same way as the Usui symbols, with the practitioner symbols being used for healing and the Master symbols being used for the attunements.

I usually teach the Practitioner level either in one-day or divided up into two days. Master level is taught the same way.  The main requirement to learn Karuna Reiki is to be an Usui Reiki Master as you do need to be familiar with the Usui Master symbol and how to use it in attunements.

Pricing for Practitioner level is $190. Master level is $250.

To learn Karuna Reiki, please call me to schedule.
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