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Can you re-unite me with my loved one?
No! I would be interfering with the natural order of your life as well as the free will and desire of your former partner. You are in charge of your life. To take that away from you is to interfere with your life and take away your life.

Personal growth requires individual effort. A psychic cannot make changes or create your life for you. I can help you gain insight, perspective and understanding so you can direct your life with open eyes.

A relationship is not an object, something that you can own or possess. Rather it is a rich interplay between two people offering each the opportunity to know oneself better. To think you can force a union denies the inherent spiritual qualities of a relationship. A relationship is alive; it houses the soul of each person and creates an opportunity for spiritual growth and awareness. When you recognize this, you will understand that unions cannot be forced without great confusion, struggle and pain.

How can I make him (or her) love me?
It is impossible to make someone love you. People will try to force things to happen in their lives, especially in the area of love and romance. The best way to attract love is to develop a good loving relationship with yourself and then develop a clear idea in your mind of the qualities you want in a partner. Equally important to knowing what qualities you want is knowing the "deal breakers". Deal breakers are the things you don't want. For some it may be things uneven educational, religious, socio-economic background. For others, it may be things like addictions, untreated mental illness, inability to hold a job, etc.

I've been told I would be meeting someone new. Why hasn't that happened?
If I say that you may meet a new partner, for example, in the spring, this does not mean that I have somehow summoned this event into your life. All it means is that this is an optimum time for you to meet someone. For someone or something to enter your life, you may have to make some changes. Life is a constant act of creation, a partnership between you and the Divine. You have to do your part. Events don't just happen; you make them happen.

Action has to follow insight. Along with the intuitive information I give you, I may suggest one or several of the following to help you manifest the relationship you want. These suggestions represent areas in your life that may need to be strengthened, reinforced and acted upon.

1.  You may need to examine yourself, your beliefs, attitudes, decisions you've made in the past. How ready are you for a relationship? Do you hold conflicting values, like a longing for intimacy vs a yearning for freedom? What changes and preparations do you need to make?

2.  You may have to let go of hurts you've experienced in previous relationships, even to the point of forgiving the person for pain they inflicted on you. And, remember, forgiveness is not about excusing what the person did and saying it's alright. Rather, it is about letting go of the anger, bitterness, resentment, jealousy and all those other emotions that tend to 'eat us up'. Another way to look at it is, holding on to all that emotional garbage does nothing to the person you're mad at. He or she has moved on and is enjoying life. By hanging on to resentment and anger, he (or she) wins.

Can you do a spell to bring my lover back to me?
NO!! And run fast, hard and furiously AWAY from any so-called "psychic" who tells you they can bring someone back to you. It is a SCAM! I have encountered people who have lost their life's savings to these people. Please Google psychic scams and read up on how they fleece people. 

Sometimes people will come to me who have been told by psychic scammers that problems in their lives are caused by dark or negative energy around them, a curse someone has placed on them or their family or a spell has been put on them. During your reading, I will tune in and see if that is the case. If so, we will clear out any negativity, spells or curses on the spot at no additional charge. I also will provide you with resources to do at home if, at any time in the future, you feel a need to cleanse the energy of your aura or home. Resources for psychic protection, if needed, will also be made available to you. You can also look at my blog for techniques to cleanse and protect you and your home.

If you see something really bad in my future, will you tell me?
I look at the circumstances leading up to the event, as much as the event itself. Let's take the example of a car accident. I won't tell you that I see one (and more than likely I won't), but I may see that you having been driving recklessly -- not stopping at stop signs, speeding, etc. I will encourage you to be more cautious. Events, oftentimes, don't stand by themselves. They are connected to our patterns of thinking and the ways we treat ourselves. Increasing patterns of stress in job, family, home & finances can lead to accidents. The "pile up" is already happening in their lives and the accident reflects that. The experiences in our lives that we label "bad" are often gifts in disguise. Though difficult, they can serve as a wake-up call to correct our lives and return us to a state of balance, allowing us to pursue paths of ever greater fulfillment. Most importantly, the knowledge, advice and tools you receive in your psychic reading can help you help you take corrective action and possibly avoid those "bad" outcomes.

If you foresee something in my future that I don't like, can I change it?
Yes! You most certainly can change it. First of all, I do not frame my answers in ways that would limit your believe in your own possiblities. The future is not carved in stone. In my readings, I address the internal & external conditions that could set up mental traps for you. Absolutes can harm by stripping away your inner confidence and reinforcing the feeling that you're stuck. Life has an "open door" policy. There are an infinite number of ways to approach life's challenges. You control your life and your destiny. When I see a future event, it more than likely is the result of the current momentum in your life. Momentum is spiritual velocity, the course you have set forth by the things that motivate you, your intentions and beliefs. Any momentum you have created, you can uncreate & re-create. By doing so, you can change the final outcome.

Are psychics more spiritually advanced than other people?
Not necessarily! When consulting with anyone for any service, always use discernment. While psychic ability requires an understanding and application of certain metaphysical laws, advanced spirituality is not a requirement. You probably will find that most psychics are interesting, compassionate & ethical people with a spiritual focus in life, but not always! Psychics are people, too. We face the same life challenges that other people do. Do not turn off your discernment because you're talking to a psychic.

Are all psychics born with their gifts?
First of all, I don't consider this a "gift" -- a "talent" -- yes. The word 'gift' to me seems to give the impression that only a very few people are born with psychic ability. All of us are born with intuition. Some of us are fortunate to be born into families where that intuitive ability is nurtured. Others of us awaken -- or, in my case, reawaken -- it as we get older. As you learn to listen to your intuition, eventually it becomes "psychic ability". You may not get to the point of doing readings as a business or even for others (and may not want to), but you can tap into your intuition to the point of life running much more smoothly and meaningfully.

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