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"Three of us got pictures at an expo. I was amazed at how accurate the interpretations of the colors were!"
Jenny B, Imperial, MO

"I was blown away!" Amanda D, St Louis, MO
About the Aura
The many colors in the aura photo at the left shows a person with a lot on their plate! She walks her own path (purple), is creative and intuitive (blue), and is on a spiritual path (white). The green represents her healing energy, yellow her great sense of humor, and orange her social nature.
The aura is the life force energy that radiates around and through all living things. Auras have been perceived in various ways by psychics, spiritual teachers and scientists. We humans have auras. So do animals and plants -- even crystals!
Your aura is an extension of who you are. To a psychic, your aura speaks volumes about where you have been, what you are creating in your life and where you are going. It shows your personality, how you relate to other people, and how you treat yourself. Your actions, thoughts and emotions can show up in your aura. By becoming more aware of your aura, you can learn about yourself and grow in ways most people can't even imagine.
Your aura is your personal universe. Imagine a space filled with radiant light. This life energy moves around you as you sit nestled safely in its center. This place is your aura, your own personal universe. It is your protection and your playground. It constantly moves and changes as you move and change. Auras come in every color of the rainbow. The colors and energies can change in a short period of time or remain the same for years. You may have a basic color, or combination of colors, that stays constant.
Aura Photos
Aura photos are taken with a camera especially designed to see and photograph the human energy field. Biofeedback plates read your physical, mental, and emotional state through the acupuncture points in your hands. The information is sent to a computer inside the camera where it is interpreted and placed on Polaroid film. In addition to the picture, you receive four pages of printed information and a personal interpretation.
The fee at Breath of Life Wellness in St Louis and most other venues is $35 which includes the photo, four-page handout and a personal mini-reading. Fees may be slightly higher or lower at some expos and other venues.
FREE Aura Photos
Have a group of friends over and get a FREE aura photo and/or psychic reading. Call me for details.

(618) 236-5883

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